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Otim Alpha (Nyege Nyege Tapes)


"Otim never fails anyone".

This strong yet accurate statement refers to Otim Alpha's heartfelt duty - spawned from his role as a wedding ceremony leader - to involve everybody in the room in his performances, making them wholly spiritual experiences that agitate an uncontrollable urge to dance.

At traditional weddings in Uganda special Acholi songs are played, known as 'Larakaraka’. Over a decade ago, Otim Alpha began collaborating with pioneering producer Leo Palayeng to mix up the style, into a newer hyper-frenetic electronic version dubbed Acholitronix. The duo toured this across East Africa, and soon became known to Nyege Nyege Tapes who showcased them at their festival, and released Otim’s hit collection ‘Gulu City Anthems’.

The tape sold out within days, and later in 2017 Otim performed at Unsound Festival, cementing his live reputation and moving festival director Mat Schultz to state, “Every European festival MUST book Otim Alpha!”

Otim took part in Damon Albarn’s 'Africa Express' project in South Africa in early 2018. His appearance on Jesse Hackett’s ‘Ennanga Vision’ album laid the foundation for Otim’s crossover into public consciousness, with his tribute ‘Otim’s War’. Having progressed considerably since that breakthrough this looks set to be Otim’s year.

Fuse is totally stoked to be hosting Otim and Leo ahead of their appearance at Boomtown Fair. Come dance!