Art gallery and performance space in Bradford (UK) hosting exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and other events.


Fuse Art Space is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. We get income from our bar, and from ticket sales for events. However, this year our funding was cut by more than 60%, and we still need to meet our average monthly costs of £2,200 (which includes building service charges, utilities, rates, insurance, maintenance, licensing, and subsidising events to make things cheap for people).

Friends of Fuse Art Space was launched to reduce our reliance on goverment funding, give our supporters a direct hand in keeping us going, and make us more independent. In return for your contribution you'll get a supporter's badge, a heads up about special events in the space before we go public, and the eternal gratitude of our team, our audiences and all the artists we support - since 2013 we have provided support for over 400 artists from Bradford, the region and the wider world. Subscriptions to Friends of Fuse Art Space are collected monthly, and can be cancelled instantly at any time.

If you're already signed up but you want to cancel or pause your support, click here.