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L'Ocelle Mare / Star Turbine



The noise duo of Sindre Bjerga (Bjerga/Iversen) and Claus Poulsen (Small Things On Sundays) were among the first artists to perform at Fuse Art Space in 2014, and we welcome them back wholeheartedly!

"Danish/Norwegian live improv superstars Star Turbine (Claus Poulsen of Small Things on Sunday, etc., and Sindre Bjerga, of Bjerga/Iversen, etc.) kick things off with some of their best electronic spellbinder spliff-traxxx. Textured, fractured aural expeditions, dadaist undercurrents" (A Beard of Snails)


Thomas Bonvalet, (born October, 1977) lives in Alpedrete, Spain. Starting out as the guitarist in Cheval de Frise between 1998 and 2004, he made is first solo show under the name of l'ocelle mare in September 2005. He has toured Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, USA and China. Focusing at first on short and tensed miniatures on classical guitar and feet tapping, he mainly composes now for six nylon strings Banjo, harmonica reeds (beaten or blowed), mouth organ, tuning forks, microphones, amps, feet tapping and metronome.

Beside his solo work, he has recently collaborated with musicians such as Arlt, Powerdove, Radikal Satan and Jean-luc Guionnet.