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Tomoko Sauvage / Elías Merino

CONCERT / SATURDAY 19TH MARCH, 20:00 / £4.00


Tomoko Sauvage, a Japanese musician/sound artist based in Paris, works with waterbowls, porcelain bowls of different sizes, filled with water and amplified with hydrophones (under-water microphones). She plays with different forms of water – drops, waves and bubbles resonating in the bowls as well as audio feedback creating waving drones and natural overtones. Her work is about the delicate balance between controlled and uncontrolled, the random percussion of droplets, acoustic characteristics of the space and the fragile tonality created with the fluid materials constantly evaporating and moving. Sauvage has been performing, exhibiting and carrying out workshops in Europe, US, Canada and Japan, often solo but also in collaboration with musicians and choreographers. Her works have been released by and/OAR (US), aposiopèse (BE), dokidoki editions (FR). In 2011, a new set of porcelain bowls was created during her residency at La Pommerie (FR) in collaboration with Ceramic Research Center in Limoges (CRAFT).


Opening act is ELÍAS MERINO (Madrid 1985), a Spanish sonic artist and composer based in the UK. Currently he develops his work in computer-generated sound artifacts after some years involved in acousmatic music. Merino is interested in different approaches related with sound composition and digital arts such the exploration of time, poetic and philosophical relationship between Subject-Object and the Otherness, the Sublime, or sound specific/plural objects in multifocal spaces. Elías presents his work in installations and sonic works, which are exhibited, released, performed and broadcasted internationally.

Currently he is a PhD researcher in Computer Music at University of Huddersfield.