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Lumisokea / D.Glare

CONCERT / SATURDAY 26TH MARCH, 20:00 / £5.00

Lumisokea are a Belgian-Italian duo, formed by Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi, who are based in Berlin.

Described by The Wire as "architects of post-industrial dislocation", their music is highly tactile, rich in texture and polyrhythmic, blurring the lines between the acoustic and the electronic. Influences range from dub to musique concrète, various percussion music traditions from Asia and Africa, techno, noise and contemporary classical music, while remaining focused on the key elements in their music: to induce trance-like states, to move bodies and to emphasize the tactile qualities of sound.

The duo has shared stages with Rashad Becker, Emptyset, Laurel Halo, Kevin Drumm, Thomas Ankersmit, Roly Porter and Moritz von Oswald and played renowned festivals such as CTM, Heart of Noise, Bozar, Rewire, LEV and Phono.

Lumisokea released a new full-length on Opal Tapes in January 2016 entitled “Transmissions from Revarsavr” - a reference to Arseny Avraamov, one of the visionary composers and theorists working in Russia during the early stages of the Soviet Union. Past releases include: “Automatons” (2011) and “Selva” (2012), both on the Dutch label Eat Concrete. “Contrapasso” (2013) and “Apophenia” (2014) were released on Opal Tapes. The most recent releases are “Eavesdropping on pianists”; an EP for Eat Concrete released in summer 2014 and “Mnemosyne”; a collection of nocturnal electro-acoustic pieces released on Luke Younger’s Alter label in september 2015.

D. Glare serves up a rumbling yet angular existence that celebrates in equilibrium the joy and peace extracted from static and chaos driven experimentation. Part punk inspired band member, part forensic engineer, Dom exhibits an educated (albeit cynical) audible account of the world through intelligent and weird sound design. The noise itself is inherently heavily processed, riddled with awkward feedback loops and granular synthesis, but benefits from being conceptually protagonistic and magical in execution. One that will scratch-the-itch for the more discerning listener and those wishing to find solace amongst harsher terrain.

New release "68 Samples At 68 BPM For Phased Heads" out now on Opal Tapes.