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UKRAINE: Two Photographic Perspectives


On the 17th April, we're extremely excited to have two distinguished photographers - Tim Smith and Christopher Nunn - speaking about their experiences and work in Ukraine.

___Tim Smith

Recent events in Ukraine have laid bare the tensions that have existed in eastern Europe for centuries. Photographer Tim Smith travelled throughout Ukraine both before and after its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Showing his images from this pivotal period in Ukrainian history he will talk about how today’s conflicts have evolved, and how seemingly remote events in Ukraine were responsible for large communities of both Ukrainians and Poles settling in Bradford and other parts of Britain during the aftermath of the Second World War.

Tim Smith is a freelance photographer, writer and researcher based in Yorkshire. He works for a wide range of editorial, commercial, cultural and public sector clients. He has exhibited widely and is a member of Panos Pictures.

___Christopher Nunn

Christopher Nunn's body of work began a year ago as a series of exploratory trips to western Ukraine, initially following a thread of family history in the city of Kalush, and evolving over time into a study of the post soviet industry, economy, ecology and social landscape that are part of the fabric of the city and its recent history.

The most recent work was made during a 4800km trip across Ukraine from west to east and back again at the peak of the revolution. Again focussing primarily on Kalush, Christopher looks at how a small city, away from the media frenzy, deals with the chaos and instability of a drastically changing Ukraine.”

Christopher Nunn works on personal projects throughout the UK and Europe, as well as varied commercial and editorial commissions. He has exhibited at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, Bristol and in various London galleries.