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Sloth Racket / Hot Beef Three

CONCERT / FRIDAY 6TH MAY, 20:00 / £4.00


Sloth Racket is a quintet of UK improvisers led by baritone saxophonist Cath Roberts, with Anton Hunter (Beats & Pieces Big Band, Article XI) on guitar, Sam Andreae (Trio Riot, Silence Blossoms) on tenor saxophone, Seth Bennett (Metamorphic, En Bas Quartet) on bass and Johnny Hunter (Nat Birchall, Johnny Hunter Quartet) on drums. The group play Roberts’ compositions, in the form of frameworks for improvisation: combining composed fragments with graphic notation to explore the balance between freedom and structure. In November 2015 they gathered to record at Limefield Studio in Manchester with John Ellis (Cinematic Orchestra) engineering. The resulting session, on a cold and rainy evening fuelled by coffee and pizza, produced three substantial tracks that range across musical territories from fiery free jazz, to minimal improv textures, to deep grooves. The album 'Triptych' is released in May 2016 on the Luminous label.

Cath Roberts – baritone saxophone
Sam Andreae – tenor saxophone
Anton Hunter – guitar
Seth Bennett – bass
Johnny Hunter - drums


Hot Beef Three are a group of improvising musicians who started performing together as a trio on a music making holiday in Lisbon, Portugal in 2013. Taking influence from as many different musical traditions as they have time to listen to and study they create exploratory, rhapsodic pieces that at once allow each artist the freedom to express themselves whilst also contributing to the greater compositional whole. They recently recorded their debut album which is due to be released later this year.