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Perfume Advert / Ondness / Best Available Technology

CONCERT / FRIDAY 20TH MAY, 20:00 / £4.00


Perfume Advert are Thomas Brown and Aaron Turner from Middlesborough. Using some key bits of hardware, synths and noise machines, they can do anything from dark and heavy to delicate and ambient improvisation. Their first ever release, ‘Tulpa,’ married ambient textures and downtempo house beats and came out on a limited edition cassette tape on 1080p in 2013. Recent releases include ‘Kappa Downs’ 12” on the Where To Now? label, as well as the textural '+200 Gamma’ tape on UK imprint Opal Tapes. 2016 brings with it more floor facing cuts with 1080p, plus an eight track cassette via Seagrave. Perfume Advert have taken their immersive live show to Mutek in Montreal, Freerotation in Wales, Zoo Project Festival and Incubate in the Netherlands.


Listening to Lisbon-based Bruno Silva’s work as Ondness is like getting sucked into one of Max Ernst’s decalcomanias. Bruno builds his compositions from blurry sonic objects, imprinting them on loose structures. In February 2016 he released ‘Quase Driven’ on the label Seagrave and he has worked with Where to Now?, Videogamemusic, Fort Evil Fruit, Phinery, Noorden, Metaphysical Circuits, Adventures in Dubbing and Paralaxe Editions.


Portland-based sound artist and producer Kevin Palmer has been making music using his array of second-hand samplers and FX for over two decades. Since debuting the B.A.T. moniker a couple of years ago he has kept us excited with a huge variety of releases on labels like Left Blank and Astro: Dynamics. B.A.T.’s latest release ‘Brute & Blind’ is the third outing of his Working Nights imprint and is described as “six pieces of crusted hypnogogia, shifting from woozy, muffled jazz chords to chirping celestial planes, sunken dub shuffle and skewed, bled-out ambience”.