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Threadfest: Ela Orleans / Negra Branca / Joanne Armitage / Marlo Eggplant

CONCERT / FRIDAY 27TH MAY, 20:00 / £8.00

Threadfest 2016 presents:


Sample-driven dream-pop and cinematic electronica from Glasgow based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ela Orleans. Polish Orleans moved to Scotland in 1997 and joined collage-pop group Hassle Hound. She began releasing solo material in 2008. In October 2013, her double album Tumult In Clouds received The Dead Albatross Music Prize. Orleans recorded LP Upper Hell during 2014 with trip-hop producer Howie B, who released the album on his label HB Recordings in 2015.

“Ela Orleans is an exceptional artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. The Poland-raised, Glasgow-based haunt-pop diviner assimilates literature, theatre, fine art and technology into her untethered music, which navigates chanson-pop grooves, eldritch psych-rock and vintage electro” – The Herald


Marlene Ribeiro aka Negra Branca is possibly best known for her role in Gnod, "providing melodic and tonal dreamscapes for the Gnod Mothership" and monolithic basslines. Tesla Tapes first released her debut album on 50 cassettes that sold out fast in January 2013, folowed by a vinyl reissue on the ONOTESLA imprint.

"The sound of Negra Branca is fragile and layered, a more heady and dubbed-out take on the sort of vocal-led, eyes-down pop variants that everyone from Hype WIlliams to FKA Twigs have given life to these last couple of years… highly recommended if you're into Yong Yong, LA Vampires, Hype Williams, FKA Twigs, Paco Sala." - Boomkat


Joanne Armitage (aka Joannnne) is a researcher in computer music and physical computing, and a composer and performer of algorithmically influenced music. She practises live coding in SuperCollider to control an array of hardware synthesisers. Her noise making has been described as “[varying] from the abstract and experimental to more harmonic and 707 jacking material, with a rare but seemingly effortless ability to humanise her machines.” She is a current PhD candidate at the University of Leeds working within the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM).


Baltimore’s sound performance artist Marlo De Lara produces textural compositions under the Marlo Eggplant moniker. These develop from microscopic tone landscapes into dense and expansive states of noise and drone. Her works aim to blur the definitions of (un)intentional sound and music. Marlo has toured Europe and the United States extensively and is part of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds.

Entry £8/ £5 concessions (recommended donation)
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