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MV Carbon is an interdisciplinary artist and composer recognized for her autonomous approach to music and performance. Using video, sculptural sound objects, cello, hand-built circuitry, and reactive media in her performances and installations, she creates provocative situations with the intention of submerging the spectator in a space that is detached from normalcy. Her work explores expectation, empowerment, magic, fetish, imagination, and interpretation, by way of questioning the associations made with imagery in the context of contemporary visual culture. Experiential situations are a significant component to her work as she embraces the immediacy of the situation at hand. Her intention is to objectify emotions through music, costume, manipulation of objects, and imagery, to investigate the multifaceted layers of perception.

MV Carbon is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


George Rogers is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is based in creating a change of state in the viewer, through the transformative power of sound to help guide us to new creative spaces and visions, for inspiration and healing. He graduated with a degree in Sonic Art in 2001 and since then has maintained a lively output of live performances, record releases, installations, and collaborations with artists internationally.

George states that his music, like his visual art is functional and has been designed with this concept as a core idea in the production process. With themes of inspiration and passionate research and practice in psychonautic exploration, shamanic trance, meditation and ritual, George creates visceral body music which speaks directly to our modalities. Atemporal music to take you out of time and into space. Into areas beyond language, utilising a controlled automatism, seeking
the construction of a narrative which slips underneath immediate comprehension, where the voice of the fire can be heard

His work explores the creation of magickal states, free from constraints of mundane thought processes. Creating transportive works which leads us into magickal spaces by utilising raw, monochrome psychedelia, blending the celestial and the aquatic. Aspects of his musical work come directly from ritual practice and the music also feeds back into magickal work and gets incorporated into rituals. He actively seeks to create these multi-layered associations, a pareidolia of the normal and diminish the divide between art, magick and life


Electric guitar interferences