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Siren Songs (Charlotte Cullen and Eleanor Cully) / Capillaries (Tadej Drolic) / Solomiya Moroz

CONCERT / TUESDAY 28TH JUNE, 20:00 / £4.00

Presenting the third in a series of weekday evening concerts featuring new works by new artists currently enraptured or entrapped by Huddersfield:


Solomiya Moroz performs a set of three works for flute and live electronics with my accelerometer sensor controlled interface. All pieces use the physical capabilities of the performer to control live electronic processing via movement control of the accelerometer interface sometimes implying theatricality in the dramatic content of the works.

Solomiya Moroz is a Canadian artist based in the UK, pursuing a PhD in music composition at the University of Huddersfield. Moroz is interested in the hybrid forms of sound in mixed and acoustic music and its ways of production. Her work tends to progress towards the expansion of the project specific mediums and the role of the musician within them. She has participated in Takt Berlin Artists residency, Omi International Musicians residency in New York, and Banff Centre Creative residency. In addition she has performed and presented her music in Canada, US, and Europe. Her projects have been supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Société et Culture.
Leonia (with live video)


Capillaries is an audiovisual work by artist Tadej Droljc - inspired by creative and destructive forces of suppressed emotions. Its form reflects branched trajectories of everyday life that are shaped by such forces. In the piece the suppressed emotion is represented by the algorithm than can never be heard or seen. What we hear and see are the consequences of its interactions with audiovisual material inside a virtual physical environment. Therefore the piece is all about invisible forces and malleable objects inside a constrained virtual environment. Interactions between these elements produce audiovisual rhythms and phrases. Audiovisual material is based on two-way real-time interactions between musical and visual parameters.

Tadej Droljc is an an interdisciplinary artist and technician who works in the field of electronic music, audiovisual composition, sound for picture and intermedia art. His work consists of composing, sound design, sound visualization, image sonification, programming musical and audiovisual instruments and effects, designing and programming system for interactive installations etc. At the moment he is focusing on non-hierarchical audiovisual composition based on real-time generated audiovisual objects where the lines between mentioned segments of production are completely blurred. His audiovisual research is being funded by Slovenian Ministry of Culture and University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) where he was awarded Dennis Smalley scholarship for electronic music and where he’s currently pursuing a doctorate.


Siren Songs is a performance project by artist Charlotte Cullen and musician Eleanor Cully. The piece began as several short flute pieces, commissioned by Cullen as a performance during their artist’s talk at their recent solo exhibition Please Be Gentle. The resulting collaboration involves 7 Siren Songs performed on flute by Cully while Cullen reads excerpts of their own texts, quotes from sources including Lauren Berlant, Sylvia Plath and Sara Ahmed, and selected sections from the original Hans Christian Anderson The Little Mermaid. Intimate and haunting the piece questions labour, physical pain to uphold feminine ideals and the cruel attachment to the good life explored through ideas relating to purgatory and the human soul. It is a vulnerable performance which is delicate, emotional and sincere.

Together with artist Kashika Ashley Cooper, Cullen and Cully co-direct UNNA WAY, an artist-led organisation for establishing a platform for reflexive artistic dialogue in Huddersfield. They are both studio holders with Northern Young Artists.