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Mohammad / Sophie Cooper / Dundas


Norman Records, your local hide-and-seek record store presents an evening of drone and improvised noise:


This Athens chamber-doom duo came to prominence in the extended experimental network through their record trilogy for Antifrost, in which they used their custom-made cello drone to express a “geographical survey” of their bearings. They’ve long been masters of this rather unique craft, creating an acoustic ambience both patient and intense; their origin story, ‘Rito Vildblomma’, contains much the same atmospheres as that of their newest work, proving them rather good at running in place. Their live show promises a wall of sound for you to climb.


Local Todmorden musician Sophie Cooper has so much to her musical oeuvre at this point that I just want to use the word “great” as a genre tag. Her sounds are informed by both noise-making and songwriting, foggy drone and the sounds that punctuate it. She’s performed as part of a rotating-cast ambient alldayer, improvised submerged in echo on a recent record with Delphine Dora and has a great record called ‘Our Aquarius’, that dangles meandering guitar abstractions off the edge of the earth.


Our experimental resident Laurie Johnson recently bought a cello, so we thought it prudent to add him to the bill. Usually he packs your records and fixes the office cables; in his spare time he’s a drone aficionado and music researcher with a penchant for building unyielding modular synths and knowing the solos to Mastadon songs. His set will probably involve electronics swaying like a see-saw between ambience and techno; could be minimal, could be chaos. Who knows.