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Phil Maguire / Eleanor Cully / Core of the Coalman play the music of Phill Niblock

CONCERT / SUNDAY 28TH AUGUST, 20:00 / £4.00

Presenting an evening of lowercase and drone music. This concert brings together the work of
emerging UK based composers and sound artists, and the American composer and filmmaker Phill
Niblock. Comprised of two parts, this concert will first present reductive and drone compositions by Eleanor Cully, Phil Maguire and Jorge Boehringer before their performance of Niblock’s dense, loud dronescape Disseminate.

Eleanor Cully - new work
Phil Maguire - there will be no miracles here
Core of the Coalman (Jorge Boehringer) - new work
Phill Niblock - Disseminate
Performed by Cully, Maguire, Steinberg and Boehringer

Phil Maguire is a musician and sound artist. He makes reductive music with computers and
recordings of things. In the past, he’s made pieces with field recordings and photographs.
Currently, he’s making pieces with sine tones, noise, and cheap computers.
Phil has won 0 major prizes and performed at 1 major festival. In 2013 he founded the non-existent collective First American Textile & Abstract, with drone artist Marcel Gumms.

Eleanor Cully is an artist from Norwich (UK), currently based in Huddersfield. Her recent work as a composer has explored the interface between surface and skin in works written for
instrumentalists. Eleanor also performs her work, her latest flute work Siren Songs was written and performed with artist Charlotte Cullen at Charlotte’s exhibition Please, Be Gentle. Eleanor co-founded Bacon Jam Collective, an independent production collective for concerts in Huddersfield, and co-directs U N N A W A Y, an artist led organisation establishing a platform for reflexive artistic dialogue in Huddersfield.

Jorge Boehringer's solo project Core of the Coalman (US/CZ), is an open sketchbook, and a
collection of compositions in a state of evolution. This performance is a moment of frozen time, thawed live like a Tyrolean mummy, with the aim of hearing oneself hearing.

Phill Niblock is a New York-based minimalist composer and multi-media musician and director of Experimental Intermedia, a foundation born in the flames of 1968's barricade-hopping. He has been a maverick presence on the fringes of the avant garde ever since. In the history books Niblock is the forgotten Minimalist. That's as maybe: no one ever said the history books were infallible anyway.