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Yoko Ikeda/lo wie/Wakana Ikeda/Ryoko Akama/Charlie Collins Quintet

CONCERT / SUNDAY 16TH OCTOBER, 20:00 / £4.00

The international quintet of Yoko Ikeda (violin), lo wie (objects), Wakana Ikeda (flute), Ryoko Akama (electronics), and Charlie Collins (percussion) embarks on a short UK tour, incorporating improvised pieces and text compositions, including include ‘mada' (2015) by Taku Sugimoto, 'CLOUD SCISSORS' (2015) by Io wie:

Yoko Ikeda is a violin/viola player who explores musical freedom with improvisation and experimental music. She has recently joined in Suidobashi Chember Ensemble with Wakana Ikeda, Taku Sugimoto etc. which performs experimental works by contemporary composers.

Wakana Ikeda is a flautist who works with variety of music from classical, rock, folk, free jazz to improvisation. She graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music University, supervised by Ryu Noguchi, Masahiro Arita and Yuji Numano. Having performed and released CDs internationally, she has now co-founded Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble with Yoko Ikeda, Masahiko Okura, Taku Sugimoto, Aya Naito and Wakana Ikeda in order to perform scores including Wandelweiser music.

lo wie is a member of A.Typist, in which she collaborates with Ryu Hankil, and the writer Kim Taeyong. She organizes the music composition concert series namsan in Seoul.

Charlie Collins is a creative percussionist, free polyrhythmic drummer, and sound artist, based in Sheffield, UK. His performances explore the boundary between pure sound and rhythm, frequently incorporating metal percussion and/or freely associative drumming. Early recordings for cult labels Industrial, Fetish and Doublevision were soon followed by collaborations with many of the pioneers of free improvisation, while the influence of East Asian percussion/rhythm techniques is displayed in his current work with komungo player Eun-Jung Kim, pianist Yoko Miura, and visual artist Bongsu Park. He is one of a handful of musicians to have played both Derek Bailey’s Company Week and Top Of The Pops.

Ryoko Akama is a UK-based composer and performer whose work, ranging from text compositions to sound installations, pursues minimal, reductive, cumulative, and contemplative experiences. She directs the melange edition label and is co-editor of the independent publisher mumei.