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YGREC / War Lass / Errant Grey Presents



The best Pop, with added Soul, performed on a coffin shaped guitar by the inimitable Kerstin Doble, spectacularly sprinkled with eucalyptus infused reverb drenched thirds, courtesy of RT from Please; sun ripened Farfisa a la Stereolab meets Rockers uptown from fresh faced Kathy Beards on keys; und well timed aborted Phil Collins fills from full timer Keeby.

War Lass

Last time Daniel Skevington aired this (his new) project he had converts flocking to his home-built altar of analogue synths as fast as you can say attack and delay. His relationship with analogue technology reveals an intimacy that has not been witnessed since I last listened to my DAB radio in the bath (oh drat, that's not analogue is it). Rumour has it this gig will premiere a new luggage transportation system. Expect radiant beams, granular pops and pleasurable fizzes.

Errant Grey

Live electronic improv, with OHP vibes from Jean McEwan