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Miles Cooper Seaton / Black Spring


Miles Cooper Seaton

For over a decade Miles Cooper Seaton's work has defied genre and discipline, spanning immersive ambient installations, intimate sets in sacred spaces and festival stages from Los Angeles to Tokyo – as a solo artist, with his own band Akron/Family and as a member of Michael Gira's Angels of Light. Their common thread is the raw emotional charge that infuses every performance with incendiary energy, leaving listeners hyper-sensitised to their own feelings and bodies, to each other and to the world around them.

Black Spring

"Imagine one of those classic stoner rock crews – Sleep, perhaps, or Om – hunkering down in the Black Ark to cut some sides for Hyperdub with an Apollo-era Eno casting a quizzical eye over proceedings."

Black Spring are an emerging MK/Derby trio creating heavily repetitive music from a palette of processed tapes, guitar, voices, drums, synth & homemade instruments. Their latest release - a limited physical edition split with Miles Cooper Seaton - on their own Monocreo label will be available at the show.