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Microdeform / Stuart Chalmers



Microdeform creates exploratory, ambient transmissions, building hypnotic, looped layers of improvised instrumental passages, tape treatments and live turntable sampling from old records, creating a mood that is alternately blissful, meditative, cacophonous and intense. The result is a heady trip of cosmic oscillations and mesmeric dark sorcery shrouded in mist, drifting slowly into the ether. A new album, 'Neural Regression' is coming out soon on Bumtapes.


After a spell dusting old memories in the museum of imaginary sounds, Yorkshire based musician stuart chalmers now creates incantations of harmonic flux and lo-fi noise. Using a swarmandal (zither/dulcimer), cassette tapes and fx his improvisations play with the boundaries of east/west folk and a fascination with sound recording media. He has been releasing albums at a prolific rate on labels such as Was Ist Das, Beartown, Constellation Tatsu, Must Die and Ono records.