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King Ayisoba / Zea

CONCERT / SUNDAY 2ND APRIL, 20:00 / £7.00

This one is unmissable! If you were around for our Bradford Beach exhibition in 2014, you might remember the King's last visit to Fuse Art Space - it was an unforgettable night. This time King Ayisoba is back with a five-piece band - more Kologo, more drums, more VIBES! And this time, he's joined by current frontman of The Ex, Arnold De Boer, aka Zea.


From the Upper East Region of Ghana, comes the rebel sound of a man ruling the roost with song, dance and regal Kologo power. The King is all out to get you. The way his raw and uplifting vocals gives real power to the songs, the way he delves deep into local traditions and pulls out new African flavours. Ricocheting between smooth and suave turns, then riffing off urbane Hip Life or rocking to tribal workouts, the King's sonic voice and two string guitar with a calabash gourd resonator are the central centrifugic epicentre for the band who always deliver a floor filling show.

Zea (aka Arnold De Boer, current frontman of Dutch experimental anarcho-punk outfit The Ex) fires out guitar and sampler driven explosions of energy, grounded by manic electronic drums and bass. Check it out: