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Matana Roberts presents Coin Coin Chapter Three / + Teresa Winter


Matana Roberts is a renowned saxophonist, sound designer and multi-media artist based in New York City. Roberts has described her twelve-album project COIN COIN, released through Montreal’s Constellation Records, as “panoramic sound quilting”. The three records released in the series so far span and coalesce genres as far and wide as jazz, noise, post-rock, opera and spoken word, drawing on histories both familial and broadly American.

For ‘Chapter Three: river run thee’, Roberts travelled through Louisiana, making field recordings and capturing conversations, eventually weaving together narratives and traditional songs into a patchwork of saxophone improvisations and ambient noise. Roberts’ live interpretation of the record is a versatile and immense piece that submerges her physical performance in prepared visuals.

Support comes from The Death of Rave affiliate Teresa Winter, best known for her 2015 album Oh Tina, No Tina on leftfield electronics cassette label Reckno. Teresa Winter combines synth, voice and pedal to create lo-fi landscapes of sound both surreally intimate and curiously distant, sometimes dissolving dance into softly-spoken pulp and other times drawing out sincere pop from ambient aether.