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Shepherds of Cats with David McLean & VJ Pietrushka / Isnaj Dui

CONCERT / SATURDAY 22ND JULY, 20:00 / £5.00

Anglo-Polish group Shepherds of Cats hit town with Vj Pietrushka as part of a UK tour. The band will be joined by David McLean, Manchester based saxophonist and Tombed Visions Records label owner who has previously worked with Gnod, Charles Hayward and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides.

Shepherds of Cats is a quartet formed in early 2014. With instant and strong mutual understanding they explore the outer limits of good taste and push the limits of what should be considered as acceptable. Their attention to detail is impeccable and have created a deep trust to support each other in the most obscure and ridiculous tangents. Using improvisation as their working method, they create sonic stories and worlds, drenched in incredulity at their own existence. Their compositions are created in real time and may suspend time as well as good taste and other senses. They are sound hunters, gathering and re-appropriating sounds in sometimes inappropriate manners. They are well mannered, have shame, but no ego.

Maciek Piatek is a Polish video artist based in the UK. He has been working mainly on his own experimental video projects & short films but also collaborating with various local and international musicians, exploring closely improvised and electronic scene. His films has been screened & exhibited both nationally and internationally in places such as: Art Gallery of SESI-SP in Sao Paulo, Babylon Cinema in Berlin and ICA in London.

The tour will coincide with their 2 new releases:

Shepherds of Cats with German trombonist Gunther Heinz (released by Tombed Visions Records),
Shepherds of Cats with saxophonist David McLean. These albums are products of improvised sessions recorded in their studio in Wroclaw.