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BBBlood / Posset / Stuart Chalmers

CONCERT / SATURDAY 17TH JUNE, 20:00 / £5.00

To celebrate their 3-way split release a trio of musicians from the no-audience underground.


BBBlood (aka Paul Watson) deftly combines noise, field recordings & live processing to excavate vast, fascinating caverns of blurred-line audionics & uncanny, racket-laden drone-scapes. Paul has released tapes on Beartown, RRRecords & Chocolate Monk. Paul is also the co-founder of the wonderful Trans-Dimensional Sushi imprint.


Lily-livered landlubber Posset comes direct from the North East Dictaphone underground. This trainee poet and full-time tape jaxx monkey shumshes multiple ferric inputs in Pre-cambrian fidelity. Over the last 10 years he's dropped oodles of tapes and CDrs on an unwilling public via postage-horns: Singing Knives, Invisible City, Discombobulate, Beartown & Chocolate Monk (among others). Expect hiss, crackle, softmouth jazz and ham-fisted jumpcuts. Come and say 'Hi'.

Stuart Chalmers

After a spell dusting old memories in the museum of imaginary sounds, Yorkshire based musician Stuart Chalmers now loops tapes scavenged from the landfill of time. He has released a wide variety of music from zither ambiences to degraded collages on labels such as Was Ist Das, Invisible City, Beartown, Constellation Tatsu, and Strange Rules Records.