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RVNES / Foundling



Formerly known as S ND Y P RL RS, Rvnes is the experimental music project by Berlin-based artist Malte Cornelius Jantzen that blends drone ambience with noise soundscapes. Mixing field recordings and organic sounds, instruments and tape loops – all processed to the point of abstraction – into lengthy tape collage performances that drift and push and hover. Sometimes quiet, calming and meditative; sometimes dark, mysterious and rumbling. After a few strictly limited, exquisite releases on imprints such as Umor Rex (MX), Colpa Press (US), New Wedding Avant-Garde (GER) and An Out Recordings (AU), a new tape – and the first under the new moniker Rvnes – titled Rest/Relief is coming out in May via Jehu&Chinaman (UK).

“It’s overwhelming, it’s lonely, it’s soulcrushing. But in spite of all that, it’s astoundingly beautiful [...] seriously brilliant album, almost certainly my favorite debut album of the year.” – Paul Simpson, Foxy Digitalis (on REX, Lp on Umor Rex, 2012)


In a blanket of vibrating drones soft minimalist melodies reach out from under a blurry veil. Wake up in Bits, the debut EP from UK born producer Foundling grapples with your perspective of time, taking you to vivid scenes of quiet solitude where slowly shimmering textures bleed into oscillating bass strides; drawing your minds eye to different sonic locations. Plumes of soft noise, concrete found sound artefacts and warm mechanical hiss creates calming landscapes, complimenting the dense crumbling waveform structures of the cover art. The EP will land in comfortable juxtaposition to the labels ever morphing catalogue, which currently revolves around decaying subterranean mutations of ambient/techno/kosmische/dub and idiosyncratic off-beat synth explorations. Wake Up In Bits, the first tape from Foundling was released by Exitab (SK) this March.

"Manages to settle the heart rate, deepen the breathing, and also incite panic all at once. [...] An astounding and frightening new experimental release." - Dyana Evans, Impose Magazine