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The Shade of the Living Light

CONCERT / TUESDAY 24TH APRIL, 20:00 / £6.00

The Shade of the Living Light is a night curated by Hood Faire, featuring:
- Horacio Pollard (w/ Carboot Lightshow by Cheapest Cigs & Booze in Town)
- Oort (Trans Neptunian Objects)
- Sam McLoughlin & David Chatton Barker
- R E D E R A T O R

Berlin-based musician Horacio Pollard has spent many years touring the world with an armoury of pedals, synths, and tape loops. With releases on Adaadat and the Norwegian label Drid his music consists, in a nutshell, of sound collage, disjointed rhythms, and the occasional barrage of noise; having been described as "a cross between Merzbow and Nirvana". Accompanying him at this gig will be a car boot sale lightshow by 'Cheapest Cigs n Booze in Town' using a couple of tables full of modified slides and overhead projectors. 'Cheapest Cigs n Booze in Town' is a Suffolk based artist who, along with Hoggy from the Cube Cinema in Bristol, has worked on light shows for MV+EE, and has provided visuals for the Vortex space at Supernormal Festival and Flatpack Festival, Birmingham.

"Pollard is one of the few creative people on the globe (Romain Perrot is another) who understands that “good taste” is the very death of art, and as such he needs to be cherished like a Siberian Tiger, albeit one whose pelt is made from artificial dayglo blue fur" (The Sound Projector)

Oort Trans-Neptunian-Objects is a band featuring folklore Tapes regular and singular voice in the UK underground David A Jaycock. David has released his mysterious, atmospheric music on a host of respected underground labels including Blackest Rainbow, The Great Pop Supplement, and Static Caravan. Over recent years he has also closely collaborated and recorded two albums with UK folk singer Marry Waterson, both of which were nominated for the Radio 2 Folk Awards. His new band, Oort Trans-Neptunian-Objects, is a Progressive, Jazz, Rock, Noise, Improv Trio, featuring electric bass, guitar and drums. Oort Trans-Neptunian-Objects are influenced by music and bands such as Lifetime, Wayne Shorter, King Crimson, Can, and Derek Bailey. Most of all, though, they sound like an extension of David's highly idiosyncratic and singular solo guitar music into more open terrain, where the band has the freedom to experiment and take the listener on an intense, abstract and beautiful journey.

Sam McLoughlin plays homemade instruments and contraptions, along with guitar, analog synths, harmonium and pump organ. Sometimes he sings songs, other times he combines handmade Moondog-like percussion with microphone feedback, synth drones and unpredictable bowed textures to produce improvised music with magical and shamanic overtones. Sam recently released the album “Flaming Liar” on Them There Records and has previously released music on Andy Votel’s Twisted Nerve, as well as Folklore Tapes, Pre Cert Entertainment and Hood Faire. David Chatton Barker is the co-founder and captain of the highly regarded Folklore Tapes label, which was recently described by as “possibly the most unique and fascinating label around”. As well as being a visual artist and film-maker David also specialises in playful and atmospheric collages of sound, dictaphone recordings and live improvisation. Like Sam he also builds his own very inventive and visually striking homemade instruments and sound making devices, which he uses to perform live along with projections and ritualistic interventions.

R E D E R A T O R is a new improvised collaboration between Stu Bannister (Quack Quack) and solo electric guitarist Dean McPhee featuring crude electronics and unpredictable electro-acoustic elements along with spaced out guitar loops and drones.