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Hiro Kone / Chris Bywater / Golden Cabinet DJs

CONCERT / SATURDAY 26TH MAY, 20:00 / £6.00

HIRO KONE is a New York based musician and producer: a multi-instrumentalist who studied classical music as a child, but abandoned her violin training as a teenager to play guitar in punk bands. Currently she uses a combination of hardware and modular synths to cultivate a unique electronic sound. She released her first self-titled EP, co-produced with Tim Dewit (Gang Gang Dance), on the now defunct label Bitterroots in 2012. Following this she released two EPs in 2014; “The Unmoved Mover” (Group Tightener), which envisioned the factions and movements in the human psyche and soul from an indivisible prime source, and “Fallen Angels” (Geographic North) which sourced Mao’s earliest memories of childhood in Hong Kong, re-purposing vibrant fragments of the past through a disorienting array of sonic imagery.

"Love is the Capital" is Hiro Kone's debut LP; bringing with it some of her most emotionally and politically driven work yet. It examines a number of all-too-relevant themes including capital, the state, egoism, anxiety, and steadfast optimism. Its eight songs highlight Mao's austere, politicized techno battling for the greater good. The songs are visceral meditations on rhythm, noise and melody, in the vein of Pan Sonic, Chris & Cosey, Muslimgauze, and Kangding Ray. The taut techno, industrial minimalism, and aural upheaval is embedded in tracks "Rukhsana" (featuring Drew McDowall formerly of Coil & Psychic TV, on modular synthesizer), "The Place Where Spirits Get Eaten," and "Less Than Two Seconds" - an emotionally wrought blitz of serrated Monomachine tones flanked by the timeless recordings of essayist, poet, and social writer James Baldwin. Mao ventures deep into heady, prismatic runs of hypnotic techno. The album maintains a sense transformation, burdened with an alien tension — the awareness of an impending and necessary collapse... and what may come next...

Hiro Kone has participated in several collaborations, including a live score for Cinema 16 at The International House of Philadelphia (2012), 'A Raga for Moog and Violin' with Arp (Geographic North, 2016), and 'Fits and Starts' for David Van Tieghem x 10 (RVNG Intl, 2013). She has been collaborating with Little Annie Anxiety (Crass, Coil) to re-imagine Annie’s first two albums “Soul Possession” and “Jackamo” live, for the Dais Records 10 Year Anniversary in New York.

Hiro Kone's closest collaborator is Drew McDowall - their collaborative album "The Ghost Of Georges Bataille" will be released by Bank Records this Spring. Her next solo album is scheduled to be out on Dais Records in August.

Support for this show comes in the form of unpredictable improvising electronics maverick CHRIS BYWATER. This will be Chris' first live gig since July 2017, after a break from music with/as Vibration Whitefinger, Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere, Transient V Resident, Juxtavoices, Bywater/Jasnoch, Bradford Scratch Orchestra, Earth's Tilted Access with Steve Dinsdale of Radio Massacre International/OUA, and various collaborations with visual artists. His reemergence on the scene feels as vital as winter's transition into spring.

Plus DJ set from Shipley's finest, Golden Cabinet.