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Still House Plants & Ailie Ormston


Experimental three piece Still House Plants return to Bradford, supported by fellow songwriter & overall pal Ailie Ormston. The trio are touring in celebration of the release of their first LP, 'Long Play', just out on bison records:

Combining visual strategies, free improvisation, UK garage and punk, Still House Plants build melodic hierarchies scaffolded around ambiguities and intimacy. Experimental songwriting is rarely so forthcoming, emotive, or approachable.

Still House Plants are 2018/19 recipients of the Cafe OTO x Jerwood Artistic Development Fund and have also been artists-in-residence for the CCA/AC Projects Music Residency and at The Pipe Factory. The trio have performed internationally too, touring with Mette Rasmussen to perform at Ultra Eczema's 20th Anniversary, Fasching Jazz Club with Rasmussen and Richard Dawson, as well as at KRAAK festival.

Pleased to have Ailie Ormston join us in Bradford to air tracks from her new output "The Sedate / Tony Soprano Fashion Inspo" - co-written alongside one drum machine and one synth, embracing elements of chance and coincidence. Ormston writes and records simultaneously - the record is the last plop in a production line of spontaneous melodies with realtime decision making. Ailie writes: "A group of compositions named Tony Soprano Fashion Inspo., each track is a chef white. Part of the same team, but a representation of multiplicity within music making, and as oneself making music. When I feel that I’m losing it, I remind myself that I prefer to use my KeepCup without it’s lid anyway. The Sedate / Tony Soprano Fashion Inspo. is due for physical and digital release on November 23rd, on 50% PURE. "