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Joe Snape w. Laurie & Suze, Teresa Winter


Slip presents: Joe Snape: ‘Joyrobix’ + Laurie & Suze: ‘Coop’ + Teresa Winter

Raggedy pop-ache and gunk games, and transgressive fascinations as British label Slip present their debut Bradford show.

Joe Snape: ‘Joyrobix’

'Joyrobix' is the live version of Brummy-abroad Joe Snape’s flooring return to Slip: a suite of nimble, polychrome post-pop songs.

Born of a complicated move to the US in 2015, Joyrobix pays weird homage to a musical America that doesn't quite exist. Part soft-rock guitars, part gospel grooves, part Broadway aria, this is music that's resolutely strange and oddly familiar at once.

Arranged for chamber trio (Jethro Cooke: electric guitar, electronics; Louise Snape: trumpet & vocals) and set to a collection of ten absurdist films directed with Swiss artist Leonie Brandner, Joyrobix explodes Snape's musical language into newly colourful territory. Come for the weirdness, stay for the world-weary fun.

Fluid Radio - “with music as joyous and beautiful as this, it’s hard not to listen without a smile on your face”
The Guardian - “organised, disorganised fun”
George Lewis of AACM - “some seriously unartful shit”

Laurie & Suze: ‘Coop’

Laurie Tompkins & Suze Whaites co-direct Slip; a home to rogue hybrids of improvised, composed, and electronic musics. Led alongside fellow artist Tom Rose, the pair's musical and visual contributions to the label have helped shape its distinctive aesthetic.

‘Coop’ is the pair's first substantial audiovisual project to date, succeeding performances together at New York's National Sawdust, Manchester's Caustic Coastal, Berlin's Reflektor Festival, Halmstad's Harp Art Lab, and London's Café OTO and V&A.

The piece promises a meshing of Tompkins' sonic negotiations of pop cultural trauma, ritual self-abasement, and gunky funk, with Whaites' illusive video renderings of the alien, microscopic, and fleshy.

The Quietus - “tracks that resemble surreal playground games as much as they do compositions”

Teresa Winter

Teresa Winter is an independent artist from the North of England working within paradigms of sound art and post-rave electronic music. She has released music on the Death of Rave and Reckno. Her latest record, ‘What The Night is For’, is a uniquely allegorical study in female sexuality and occult, transgressive fascinations.

Door tax: £6 (adv.) /£8 o.t.d.