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New Weird Huddersfield Presents

CONCERT / WEDNESDAY 8TH MAY, 19:30 / £6.00

/// Aonghus McEvoy (Ireland) ///

Aonghus McEvoy is a composer, improviser and guitar player based in Dublin, Ireland. He explores the intersections between composition and improvisation, oblique restraint and histrionic rock excess. Aonghus' work moves between collaborations with improvisers, indeterminate scores for small ensembles and skewed takes on folk idioms. His use of the guitar ranges from employing traditional techniques to experimental methods. Aonghus has performed alongside musicians such as Rhodri Davies, Annette Krebs, Jon Collin, Ludo Mich, Damo Suzuki, David Maranha, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, Tristan Clutterbuck, Adam Pultz Melbye, Ricardo Jacinto, David Lacey and has realised scores by composers such as Jack Callahan, Jorge Boehringer, Conal Ryan and Eva-Maria Houben. He is also a member of fabricated folk troupe Woven Skull

/// Gael Moissonnier (Belgium) ///

Gael Moissonnier is a French self taught experimental musician and sound artist.. His musical interests focus on fully immersive physical sound situations and psychoacoustic phenomena. His improvised live performances are built with psychoactive rhythmic patterns and sine wave drive meditative drones proving altered states of consciousness.

/// Rob Lye ///

Rob Lye is an artist and musician based in London. His music explores heavily granulated field recordings, phantom melodies and rhythms presented with moving image based work that seek to explore and reconsider the experience of time and materiality.