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DementeDave // IRENE

CONCERT / FRIDAY 28TH JUNE, 19:30 / £5.00

Dave Goldthorpe & David Turner have been working together for a number of years. Dave is severely physically disabled with cerebral palsy & David is his friend & support worker for the purpose of getting out and about. Over the years they have been eager consumers of culture. They have attended concerts, lectures, art galleries, performance art events, cinema, theatre, dance, circus and street theatre.

Last year Dave & David agreed that they would become creators of culture using all the tools and capabilities available to them. They announced themselves as artists. They chose the name 'DementeDave' for their collaborative title. The core of their work is strong eye contact & empathetic communication with each other. They use musical instruments, music technology, amplification & projection equipment to create music, soundscapes & visual experience. Audiences have the chance to hear, see & feel perspectives that are quite likely different from their own.

Dave Goldthorpe employs the DementeDave medium to operate his adapted technology & express a wide range of messages & emotions - joy, humour, and expansiveness to anger, frustration and isolation. This is not always a comfortable experience. Audience members also have an opportunity to join them, communicate with them and share in creating the performance work.

DementeDave has undertaken successful performances. In Leeds at events organised by Pyramid of Arts at Wharf Chambers, and at Beaumont College in Lancaster where Dave studied for several years. They demonstrated that the work does communicate with feeling, and that audience members will step into their performance circle and participate.

The evening will begin with the first set from DementeDave starting in ambient sounds, followed by a set by new noise rock project IRENE (featuring Alex Gray, formerly of Dixon's City Academy and Bradford punk veterans The Drastics), finally the evening will close with a set of visceral driving beat music from DementeDave based on original percussion loops made in rehearsal.