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Mike Drones & Enoby / Conflux Coldwell / Fetch and the Pachyderm

CONCERT / FRIDAY 23RD AUGUST, 19:30 / £4.00

Advance tickets £4 / £6 OTD /

// Mike Drones & Enoby //
Having performed together under various guises over the years, the Permahigh co-founders operate using intuition and synchronicity that can only come from over a decade’s worth of artistic collaboration.

Their live shows together are truly an impressive spectacle, combining electric guitar, pedalboards, Ableton Live, and turntablism to craft an expansive range of playful melodies and immersive textures.

Regulars at the excellent Think Tank: A Place For Your Head ambient events series, we are very pleased to welcome them both to Bradford for the first time!

// Conflux Coldwell //
Conflux is part of the Urban Exploration collective and used to produce and DJ under the name Micoland.

At the University of Leeds he now conducts visual research into hauntology.

Coming soon, Zoetrope on bandcamp...

// Fetch & The Pachyderm //
A duo who coalesce and collide sounds in a mystical fashion - exploring new 'genres' such as space apocalyptica - since working together they have pushed beyond their understanding of drone/ambient music to create Fetch & The Pachyderm - a live performance with sound an light.