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dead plants & living objects // ben eyes


PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately Aemaer has had to cancel but the gig will still go ahead as planned - finishing by 10pm.

// Dead Plants & Living Objects //

A performance by Pierre Berthet and Rie Nakajima

Tin cans, whistles, locomotive suspension springs,
porcelain bowls, compressor top bells, ping pong balls,
agave dry leaves, sponges, steel wires, branches,
paper foils, plastic bags, silver papers, pink gloves,
piano, balloons, buckets, feathers, water, scraps, peebles,
flower pots, guitar, metal tubes, paulownia tree seeds, pearls,
bamboo sticks, logs, bones, stones, filter queens...
RN and PB have been creating various ways to vibrate things
so that their acoustic shadows dance around: invisible air volumes
that reshape constantly, move in the space, enter in the most secret places and inside ourselves.
A way to get closer to things inherent spirits is to listen to them.
Eventually encouraging them to produce sounds and resonate by various means:
to hit, caress, shake, beat, scrape, scratch, claw, boil, clap, rattle, rock, throw, move,
magnetize, clamp, cook, pinch, galvanize, motorize, bow, blow, pluck, heath up, let flow, freeze,
drop, drip, connect, roll, mix, extend, sing…

// Ben Eyes //

Ben Eyes is an award winning composer and sound artist working in the North of England. His work is typified by large, complex textures and sound collages using field recordings, heavily treated guitars, acoustic instruments and vintage analogue synthesisers.
His performances combine video, immersive surround sound, live musicians and live audio manipulation. His interests lie in working outside the usual musical realms including collaborative work in theatre, performance art and film. He won the award for Best Use of Sound at ICAD in 2017 for his composition and performance of 'Fiamignano Gorge' based on data from an earthquake prone gorge in Italy. Ben has performed at festivals and concerts across Europe and the USA and released music on record labels Time Released Sound (USA), The Centrifuge, YMNLT and This Is Music.
Ben has recently worked with award winning composer Ambrose Field, Trevor Wishart, Bafta Nominee Jane Horrocks and Stephen Mallender (Cabaret Voltaire) on the Manchester International Festival production “Cotton Panic” and worked with Mercury nominees Roller Trio. The resulting album “New Devices” was listed in the top twenty albums of 2018 by Jazz Wise Magazine. He is also one half of the electronic and percussion duo, Stocker / Eyes who recently performed with synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani at York Mediale. He produces electronica for a variety of labels under the name Quip and ambient music under his own name.
Ben has recently completed a Masters by Research in Music Technology at the University of York entitled ‘Multimodal Performance Approaches in Electronic music’. He is currently undertaking a PhD at York, researching the design and creation of computer controlled electro acoustic instruments as part of a PhD in digital composition.