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Stuart Chalmers & Claus Poulsen Duo // NOISEBRINGERS // Foldhead


Doors 7.30pm
Advance Tickets: £6
OTD: £7

New Weird Huddersfield & FUSE Present...

// Stuart Chalmers & Claus Poulsen Duo //
Stuart Chalmers bring to life tapes scavenged from the landfill of time and channels trance meditations on the Swarmandal using prepared objects and FX pedals.
Claus Poulsen has been engaged in all kinds of sound experiments, but now concentrates on bowed cymbal, toy synth, FX pedals, tapes and loops.

Although their musical output varies wildly, the music they make together is very focused stylistcally, a kind of contemporary “fifth world” music, which is a re-imagined world music from an alternate universe. The idea is that you don’t have to live in a very far away and spiritual place to make mesmerizing music that has atmosphere, energy and…spirit.

They have released one cassette on the UK label Invisible City in 2018, “the universe unmasked”. They are now playing their first gigs together in UK.
A new album “Fictions in the age of reason” will be released on CD and cassette by Aphelion Editions next month.

// Foldhead //
Sometimes seen as one half of the duo Early Hominids along with Neil Campbell, and a founding member of noise legends Smell & Quim.

“…relentless crackle, pop, hiss and fizz, like a firework display exploding inside your cranium exploding over a wash of analogue froth…”


Noisebringers was created by mistake. ("There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” ― Bob Ross) "A large and loving family, which is most definitely not a cult", according to founding member Maria Sappho (pianist and non-composer). Other full-time members include Henry Mcpherson (pianist and meme artist) and Brice Catherin (your friendly elderly cellist next door).

"We can not tell you what we have to offer, as this is an improvisational concert. If you are unsure of what an improvisational concert might be, be assured you are asking the right questions." (Maria Sappho again.)

We bring noise (along) with care, love, patience, wittiness, and a range of exotic English accents since 2019. Enjoy.