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Fibonacci Drone Organ // Spaceship // Teryy Vergos


Doors 7.30pm

£4.50 adv, £6 o.t.d.

// Fibonacci Drone Organ //
Fibonacci Drone Organ creates durational pieces using chance-method additive and subtractive synthesis, with notes added and taken away at times fixed by the Fibonacci Series found in nature

// Spaceship //
Spaceship is Mark Williamson, a musician and sound artist based in West Yorkshire working with field recordings, portable synthesizers and found sounds. His practice often involves working out of doors and his most recent album, 'Outcrops' (WIAIWYA 2019) focuses on the geological and geomorphological history of the Upper Calder Valley. He has previously released albums, digitally and on CD, through Apollolaan, Forged River Recordings and The Dark Outside, and has contributed to compilations for A Year in the Country, Linear Obsessional and Woodford Halse. Williamson’s compositions have featured as part of Cities and Memories’ The Next Station and Sacred Spaces projects.

"Williamson is building desire tunnels, churning through the layers of rock and soil to find his conclusions" The Wire

"Droning synthesiser waves conjure something spectral and eerie, stretching out like the wide horizon, the sky above the moors, the pale sun cossetted by gathering clouds." The Quietus

// Terry Vergos' //
Vergos' current work involves creating performance elements by using segments of field recordings (randomly sellected) to simulate the autopoetic systems in life (Maturana). Developing a generative system using conway’s game of life cellural automaton or other generative approaches using monome ecosystem, norns and max

symbiotic relationships, earth and humans
what if we are not the most important? what if we are not above but amongst all species?

part 1 our planet
(field recordings and granular synthesis)19’
part 2 us humans
(live sampling audience voices*) 13’
part 3 symbiosis
(a gentle goodbye) 7’