Art gallery and performance space in Bradford (UK) hosting exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and other events.

Bradford Beach

02/08/2014 - 29/09/2014

Opening on August 2nd 2014, Bradford Beach is an immersive exhibition bringing the beach to Bradford over the summer. The installation involves seascapes from the North, South, East and West coasts of Britain carried out by photographers Julie Dawn Dennis, Sharon Harvey, Celia Jackson and Jim Stephenson; specially commissioned coastal field recordings from around the world by sound artists such as BJ Nilsen, Tara Jane Oneil, Mike Harding, Patrick Farmer, Rough Fields, Jez Riley French and MV Carbon; and eleven tonnes of sand covering the gallery floor.

The task was set for four photographers to capture a part of the North, South, East and West coasts of Great Britain on the same day, the 8th July, 2014. Whether a geographical exploration to the end of a landmass, a meditative retreat, or a cathartic exploration of a daughter meeting the sea and her father’s death; each photographer embarked on their own personal journey and embraced the challenge in a very different way.

Using digital media, film, pinhole cameras, old coffee tins and the elements themselves – the sun and air – each photographer’s relationship to their tools and environment provides us with a moment to reflect on that powerful natural force, the sea.