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*CANCELLED* Dhangsha & Nostril

CONCERT / FRIDAY 20TH MARCH, 20:00 / £7.00

Doors 7.30pm

// Nostril //

Augustin Bousfield of Gurgles, ex Mucky Sailor and Nope. Writer of surprisingly cheeryTV music and
synth improvisor as Lord Adonis as well as a member of AV noise skronk duo Splitty McCheeks.
Bousfield will be blending Fender Rhodes electric piano, loops, Accordion, bits and bobs, clumps of
Bradford stone, toys and bargain centre percussion all filtered through a big bin bag of FX.

Chris Bywater of Bywater & Creek Soundsmiths, ex Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, Transient V
Resident, ETA (Earth's Tilted Axis) with Steve Dinsdale of RMI/OUA, Vibration Whitefinger and
Juxtavoices antichoir . Chris also does live solo shows under his own name, and works as a core
member of Bradford Scratch Orchestra. He will be using laptop and synths and whatever his fancy

Krzysztof HÅ‚adowski has, over the years, played with A Hawk and A Hacksaw, The One Ensemble,
Scatter and his own group The Family Elan. His main instruments are Greek bouzouki and Turkish
elektrosaz, played through an array of pedals with varying degrees of (un)predictability.

// Dhangsha //

DHANGSHA the the electronic project of Aniruddha Das. His remit is to explore minimalism, repetition and fragmentation in sound. The name "Dhangsha" is from Bengali for 'destruction,' relating not only to the use of a RAT distortion pedal to give the illusion of damaged speakers, but a de-construction of ideas that do not have the best interests of people or communities at heart.

Doors 7.30pm.