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CONCERT / TUESDAY 24TH MARCH, 20:00 / £8.50

**** Regretably we have had to cancel this event due to 0 ticket sales. We understand the artist is looking for an alternative venue and will contact all those who have indicated interest directly ****



Earlybird / Earlybird (retired) - £8.50/£6
Regular / Regualr (retired) - £11.25 / £7

Artworks Creative Communities and FUSE (in association with SoundUK) present ...

Acclaimed pianist and composer Sarah Nicolls' new Inside-Out Piano project. 12 Years was inspired by the 2018 IPCC Special Report that said we had just 12 years to radically change our behavior to save the planet.

With her striking vertical grand piano, Nicolls combines original music and recorded speech in a compelling performance. Piano melodies and textures interweave with phone calls between three fictional characters challenging each other to either worry less or do more. We hear from environmental experts, survivors escaping from a wildfire and a glacier melting, eloquent speeches from Greta Thunberg and finally the sound of hope emerging.

'What she does should be happening every week of the year' The Guardian

Produced by Sound UK. Funded by Arts Council England, PRSF The Open Fund

Visit Sarah Nicolls' YouTube channel where you can see her play her remarkable 'Inside Out piano' and also hear her talk more about the reasons for her choosing to make '12 Years'.

Additionally we will be joined by two speakers, who will be addressing climate change and discussing action we can take:

Paul Rodgers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford and Global Security Consultant with Oxford Research Group - the impact of climate change on peace
Extinction Rebellion Bradford representative – Individual, and group, radical action