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Reflective Surfaces

28/02/2020 - 25/04/2020

Reflective Surfaces explores the roles that photography and film play in constructing our personal and collective memories, identities and imaginations. The group exhibition questions how we relate to and produce memory and includes work by international artists Julie Dawn Dennis, Ayumi Tanaka, Kasia Køhler Larsen and Tiago Casanova.

Kasia Køhler Larsen’s filmic journey, Fragments of Me, investigates the slippage between a remembered past and what actually happened - through processes of rediscovery using photo albums and archival documents. Test to the Mnemonic Ability of Photography by Portuguese artist Tiago Casanova, studies the mnemonic qualities of photography, using film, polaroids and journals. Julie Dawn Dennis’s work, Safe As Houses, forms an attempt to revisit a childhood place and the family home using her first camera - a 1970s Kodak Instamatic.

Photographic collage is also used as a physical act towards reconstructing existing memory in Ayumi Tanaka’s Hide And Seek. Cutting and pasting play an important role in ‘revisiting’ her childhood. "At times in my day-to-day life, I find myself stumbling over reminders of days gone by. In these moments, I am seized with the desire to gather and collect, to retrieve what has been lost and weave it into something whole."

"The exhibition examines our senses in connection with the activity of remembering, and explores where personal and collective memory overlap. Each artist explores this process in their unique way, deconstructing the codes inherent in the medium and the alternative realities available to us through the reading of personal and collective photography." (Sarah Faraday, curator)

Reflective Surfaces will include a series of performances and events soon to be announced.