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Cadaver Eyes,Isnaj Dui,Sam Mcloughlin,cadavereyesuponmesee

CONCERT / SUNDAY 8TH MARCH, 15:00 / £6.00

Fuse Art Space and New Weird Huddersfield Present:

Cadaver Eyes
Isnaj Dui
Sam McGloghlin

15:00pm, Afternoon Matinee!!!

***Plenty of time to visit Bradford’s many amazing and closeby curry (or beer) options either (or both) before and after the show!!!!***
Fuse Art Space: -7 Rawson Place, BD1 3QQ
In The City of Bradford

Cadaver Eyes:
A Psych/Noise/Doom No-input/Drums duo from Israel, CADAVER EYES have been described by WFMU’s Brian Turner as “conjuring equal parts Voivod, Residents, Swans, Butthole Surfers, Carcass, and Khanate into a blurred combo of noise-blast insanity and creeping doom”. Originally a psychotic one-man grindcore project, CADAVER EYES was launched in NYC ca 2000 by drummer david Opp circa the turn of the millennium and has since mutated into a very heavy minimal political doom duo of Drums and No-Input-Mixer. CE’s sound is raw, intense, disturbing and at the same time engulfing and immersive, tapping into a primal human layer of convulsions and contortions.Their recent material is an expression of this convulsive being as it is situated in a world of hyper-capitalism, aiming to pierce through the veil of advertisements, human supremacy, and oppression.

CE have been featured on WMFU dj premium bu Brian Turner alongside such artists as Mudhoney, Half Japanese, The Ex, Circle, Psychadellic Horseshit and others.

“If ever a band sounded like a man with newly severed arms licking out a toilet in a frenzy, it is Cadaver Eyes”
“… a truly unique band”.- Wm Berger (rip), My Castle of Quiet, WFMU

With Burmese (a favorite band of mine!!)

Isnaj Dui:
Isnaj Dui (Katie English) stands awkwardly between neo-impressionism and electronica, using concert and bass flutes, home-made dulcimers and electronics to create glitchy, experimental-but-melodic pieces.
Combining a classical tuition on flute with studies of electroacoustic music, alternative tunings and Balinese gamelan, Isnaj Dui has released several critically acclaimed albums as well as soundtracks and site-specific installations. Always liking to keep busy, her 2019 album ‘Sight Seeing’ explored sight loss, while her latest piece is a sculptural sound work produced for IOU’s Speaking Tubes installation.

Sam Mcloughlin:
medicine man and interdimensional tour guide.
"jump and something will catch you"

Cadaver Eyes looking softly
Speaking softly
With (possible) guests
See you