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Irma Vep / Davidd Winter / Secret Admirer / Melody Boa Band


Irma Vep (Manchester)

Murky pop hits, waves of shimmering noise and psych guitar workouts nestled in fuggy layers of tape-loop and synth fuzz. Cracking stuff that will certainly fire up fans of american outsiders like Michael Yonkers, Jandek and Henry Flynt.

Davidd Winter (Brighton)

Outsider vocal and guitar experiments, chaotic noise splurges, lonesome drones, and ragged rhythms jarring nicely with perfectly off-pitch folkified, bluesified (even countrified?) numbers.

Secret Admirer (Manchester)

New solo-project from Nick Ainsworths of Former Bullies, Dinner Party fame.
Instant songs, thought up right there on the spot, recorded right into that beaten up old fostex, straight into your heart. Nick snorts the line between composed and improvised music with his spontanious smorgasbord of soul. Have a listen to 'Hangin Around' from the 20 song, self titled tape on CF Records of Belfast.

Melody Boa Band (Leeds/Bradford)

The sublime rockabilly-cum-temple drone/public broadcast duo of Emi Ueno & Pascal Ansell return to Fuse for what we've been told is going to be a more improvised set. Ueno's study of Spanish flamenco coupled with Ansell's shadowy interest in, of all things, football suggests that it could get very interesting, especially on an indoors beach!