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Will Baldry


Bridging the gap between contemporary hip-hop scratch battle styles and the noise-based sound world of avant-garde turntablism, this will be an evening of works that showcase virtuosic DJ skills and techniques within experimental contexts. Expect slowly evolving polyrhythmic textures and immersive soundscapes colliding with furiously expressive scratching and beat-juggling.

Will Baldry's roots lie in hip-hop turntablism - he has appeared in numerous UK finals of the DMC and IDA turntable competitions under his Dr Weevil moniker, and toured Europe extensively as one half of hard tekno outfit Civil Unrest. A keen interest in experimental music also led Baldry to investigate the work of avant-garde turntable performers. While the performances of such pioneers as Christian Marclay were aesthetically brilliant, Baldry's work addresses a perceived lack of instrumental technique in this scene, introducing the expressive potential of the turntables to develop sounds. He is now attempting to demonstrate the relevance of hip-hop playing technique within experimental contexts at a succession of performances (including shows at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast, The Wardrobe in Leeds and Birmingham Conservatoire) and lecture-recitals (including the Royal Musical Association's annual conference).