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Hibernate: Caught In The Wake Forever / The Sly And Unseen


hibernate recordings present another in their series of special events at Fuse. Bringing you not one, not two, but three debut performances from Caught in the Wake Forever, Ashlar and The Sly & Unseen this promises to be a varied night of immersive electronics and acoustic wizardry.

CAUGHT IN THE WAKE FOREVER is the solo project of Fraser McGowan who creates instrumental pieces blending electronics with lo-fi acoustic aesthetics. Having previously released work as lead singer of Paisley based miserablist’s Small Town Boredom, McGowan has maintained his downbeat, lo-fi sound with his solo work which is characterised mainly by the use of rhodes piano & classical guitar surrounded by the subtle warmth of electronics, string machines & dictaphone field recordings.

THE SLY AND UNSEEN are a duo between Katie English (Isnaj Dui, littlebow and The Doomed Bird of Providence) and Hibernate boss Jonathan Lees. Together they like to record things at weekends using acoustic instruments such as shruti box, harmonium, flutes, cello, xylophone and guitar. Using an array of instruments, the duo often focus on a single drone which is then embellished by plucked bass lines, playful glockenspiel or melancholic piano. Close your eyes while listening and don’t be surprised if you find yourself transported across continents, The Sly & Unseen are a curio of sorts, not without their own unique set of charms.