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Shield Patterns


Shield Patterns, the Manchester-based duo of Claire Brentnall and Richard Knox, create intense, infectious and incredibly detailed dark-pop music. Debut album ‘Contour Lines’ was released in June via Gizeh Records and has gathered heavy praise from the press including a five star review from The Skinny magazine.

The project started life in late 2012 with Brentnall working alone on a bunch of home recorded demos. A chance meeting with Knox at her first ever solo show was enough to form an interest in working together in some capacity. Just a few months later and the duo were performing live together whilst also working on the beginnings of new material that would finally form the debut album. After retiring to the wilderness and isolation of the North Wales countryside, that album was finally complete.

There is a resolutely unique sound to the music Shield Patterns make. A lush, fragile and rich soundworld… like falling - slowly, gracefully, and not without hope, but still falling; a white shape in the darkness tumbling downwards.

One live review suggests that Shield Patterns; ‘Borrow the dense, yet richly stratified compositions from masters of rippling electronic realms like Actress, Forest Swords and even (at times) Joy Orbison and marry them to effortlessly avant-garde vocals that sound like Kate Bush calling out to you from the unknown extents of of a whirling vortex’. Not far from the mark indeed.