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Design A Wave, Wilt Wagner, Survival Skills, Mia Lametta


Design A Wave
Experiments in analogue synthesis radiate exotic beams through a warm acid fog, creating a close atmosphere in which Radiophonic tinkering, Motorik ambience, cosmic disco and mutant Tropicália drifts and drizzles onto tilted dancefloors where perspiring contortionists slip and slide off the edges. A heady alloy of New Age Italo and muzzy Kosmische forms the mulch and microclimates to be found in releases on Alter, Rush Hour’s sibling No ‘Label’ and most recently Alien Jams.

Wilt Wagner
Stripped-back slices of polyphonic incoherence from the unparalleled master of Balloon Funk, poignantly highlighting the stark interzone of the elliptical Venn that overlaps the fevered mind and the Casio preset. The audio by-product of one man’s systematic and thorough unravelling; grasping and clutching, inadvertently creating loops and sequences arbitrarily in attempts to claw his way back from the amply-greased rim of the abyss.

Survival Skills
Buried deep beneath a metaphysical duvet somewhere, a wheezing, dislocated variant of House music lies prone, burbling muffled passages of disembodied melody and droning ambience into the temporal pillowcase. Heavily-misted compositions full of bending light and reminiscent of the dreamiest releases on labels like Opal Tapes and The Trilogy Tapes.

Mia Lametta
Nascent outing for a new solo project that boasts one of the idea-logged minds of Beards and Ygrec. A syncopated chain of drum machine, keyboard, guitar and a harmony of voice will be orchestrated and moulded into the fractal framework of a pop song constructed by degrees.