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Helm / Damian Dubrovnik


Following an intense and amazing performance by Rejections last weekend, our Saturday performance series continues as we welcome HELM an DAMIEN DUBROVNIK.

Luke Younger aka Helm is a sound artist based in London, working with a vast array of sound sources to form dense, intense soundscapes and concrete noise. His ongoing releases on the currently skyrocketing PAN label show the development of a truly individual style, blending insistent repetetive structures with threatening atmospherics - we last heard him at St Giles Church in London, making ecstatic but terrifying drone structures from what initially sounded like glass bottles colliding.

Danish electronic duo Damien Dubrovnik have been doing their minimal synth thing since 2009, releasing on their own Posh Isolation imprint and others, with their last record (First Burning Attraction, Alter LP 2013) representing their stongest work to date - it's direct, brooding and precise, think Matthew Dear through a black mirror.