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Woven Skull / Sophie Cooper / Core of the Coalman


Woven Skull are purveyors of "minimal psychedelic repetitions made inside of haunted forests and burning bogs" (i.e. rural Ireland). We saw them live at Sin Eater festival in the wilds of Shropshire last summer and it was a most veritable Amon Duul-esque trance-out, with spidery space echo mandola, no nonsense drum-kit battering, and shimmering 12 string guitar. Perfect for a balmy June evening with a bottle of your favourite and a spare tenner for their new LP.

This is part of a tour that Woven Skull are doing with ol' mates Sophie Cooper and Core of the Coalman, familiar to Fuse regulars, but always a surprise live. Core of the Coalman aka Jorge Boeringer's last show here was a real eye opener, showcasing harmonica and electronics beat oscillations that Henry Flynt would be proud of, and would probably faint in awe of his solo viola daydreamings.

Speaking of daydreamings, Sophie Cooper tops of an amazing bill with her Todmorden/Stoke vernacular experimental folk. Her new stuff really steps up to the plate, employing swashes of reverse guitar, like ducks diving, and a deeply affecting (but deftly avoiding being too plaintive) vocal delivery that can bring the most stone-faced of us to tears. Experimental song champion elect.