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Pefkin / Mel O'Dubslaine / C Joynes


Pefkin is the solo project of Gayle Brogan, half of Scottish psych-pop duo Electroscope. Recording since 2000 this is a rare performance from the free-spirited sound conjuror from Glasgow, hot on the heels of her most recent release 'Inner Circle Outer Circle' on Morc Records. Whether stringing strums or pushing swathes of saturated analogue keys to the peak Pefkin's phasey, pastoral vocal delivery is the perfect foil for a droney explorative yet pulsing sonic imaginarium that envelopes the senses like a resuscitating road-trip through a sun-drenched, verdant rural idyll.

Mel O'Dubslaine (née Delaney) is a Leeds-based synthetic noise merchant - formerly performing under the Ocelocelot moniker - dabbling in obtuse musical fantasy, heavy space-chord amalgamations, and drum pad improv. Always a pleasure to see live this supporting pillar of the Ash Nav empire, stands peaceful like a heron as the brown river flows unremittingly downstream to some godforsaken industrial necropolis long ago taken hostage by Japanese knotweed. Her first full-length release, Deformed Vowels, is out soon.

Continental drifter C Joynes, from Cambridge, brings his vivacious thumb and fingers to Bradford for the delectation of your auditory palette. Flitting between mbira inspired melodic playfulness, English folk song, atonal interventionism, to rockabilly nonchalance, Joynes's playing is a chimeric creature, lovingly coaxed through a country blues and ragtime sensibility. Some of you might be familiar with his work with local chanteuse Stephanie Hladowski, on their collection of folk songs entitled 'The Wild Wild Berry'. A frequent collaborator, Joynes has also recently finished an album with the Dead Rat Orchestra, which should see the light of day some time over the summer, along with the usual top notch solo output.