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27/05/2015 - 06/06/2015

CROP is the final photo show of student work from Bradford University's School of Media, Design & Technology.

David Heaton

Photography With A Splash Of Advertising - This project is my process of learning from the ground up and to consider what is involved in high quality commercial photography in an attempt to create some of my own images inspired by photographers such as Rob Grimm and Warren Ryley.

Gintare Karpaviciute

She fights.
She does not give up.
She is inspiration to others.
She is passionate about boxing.
She teaches others regardless of who they are.
Stereotypes should not stop us from anything that interests us.

Jessica Proctor

Response to the family album - family photography is an amateur process in which we record memories of happy events in our lives. They portray the family as a unique unit taking pleasure in their lives. But what happens when the smiles fade? This project examines the reality of day-to-day lives and the suffering that we do not record. Take away the mask and what is left is not pretty.

Martin Ahven

Kuera is a guy who makes music and feels uncomfortable writing about himself in third person.
Here's what some people have said about him:


These photos are intended to be used on his upcoming album. A mixture of studio shots and 'backstage' photos that explore the environment and instruments the artist uses to make his music.

Austeja Krukonyte

This piece of work is inspired by 1940-1950's Italian cinema and portrays how fashion photography can be influenced by Italian Cinema. This work recreates the elegance of D&G’s 2012 Summer/Spring campaign which was inspired by Federico Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita (1960). It showcases a woman's sensual, confident and playful characteristics which are very often associated with a stereotypical Italian woman that can be seen in this work.

David Jowsey

Titled, Five Minutes from Town, this project investigates the landscape around Leeds City Center and how this changes by just travelling a few minutes away from the ‘glitz’ and ‘glam’ of the center of the city.

George Dawes

Why are we okay with the amount of waste we produce? I've always been passionate about the environment, and my work mirrors that. Combating the wasteful use of packaging on our food, this work is my way of questioning how much damage our food does to the earth. Many of the supermarkets across the world use packaging on the basis of preserving the food for hygiene and convenience, though do we really see what all this protection leaves behind? Much of it is re-usable but with inadequate prevention to combat this issue we may find ourselves buried in our own waste.

James Poxon

Sports with a explosion of powder, adventuring into the use of powder to explore power and movement in sports from rugby to climbing. Inspired by present day advertising by companies like Nike and Adidas, with a large influence from the holiday 'Festival of Colour'. The project seeks to explore movements we miss and explode them with powder giving us the ability to see just how these athletes work. A big thank you to the guys at Team Bradford for doing just that.