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Kepla / Rosen


Kepla is the musical works of Liverpool based producer Jon Davies. Peeling away the pristine
creations of industrial, modernist composition and hitech noise, Kepla gazes onto a world of
materials floating, drifting and colliding into each other, attempting to look beyond the surface. Described by Tiny Mix Tapes as ‘revealing a tome of information’, Kepla invites an inward looking pessimist’s meditation that poses questions more than detailing answers.

Rosen, a.k.a Rachael Melanson is a sound and visual artist based in the UK and Canada, her
process involves creating, interpreting and/or channeling (((sonic))) environments and
nonlinear narratives. Rosen’s live audio collages, which can be described as pseudosoundtracks/
quiet noise, bring together elements from her past practice with her forthcoming work, ‘Portals’. 'P_OST_TT', the title theme to ‘Portals’ was premiered earlier this year by Quantum Natives and mapped on their website: