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Star Turbine


“Danish/Norwegian live improv superstars Star Turbine (Claus Poulsen of Small Things on Sunday, etc., and Sindre Bjerga, of Bjerga/Iversen, etc.) kick things off with some of their best electronic spellbinder spliff-traxxx. Textured, fractured aural expeditions, dadaist undercurrents” (A Beard of Snails)

“Like all the output of Tangerine Dream squished up into a 1 second sample then dragged out again on a low res JPEG.” (Posset)

As the duo Star Turbine, Sindre Bjerga from Norway and Claus Poulsen from Denmark mainly work with electronics and prepared amplified objects. They have produced 11 releases since 2011. Both artists are also highly active as solo musicians and in other collaborations. The duo have toured Denmark, Germany, UK, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia since March 2012.

The duo were joined by Leeds experiemntal guitar/voice duo Paupers Deluxe Melody Boa Band