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Muyassar Kurdi / Marlo Eggplant / Black Spring / Unqualified Nurse


We're extremely excited to present this epic lineup of improv, drone, outer-edges rock and noise.

"Multi-instrumentalist Muyassar Kurdi flits across the Chicago scene as a benevolent fixture of DIY shows, informal house jams, and magick rituals, glimpsed in the corner of a dim room swaying under a veil to the rhythms pouring from the PA. Her own solo output under her given name and the Humminbird moniker spans a wide range of drone, noise, and ambient experimentation, animated by her keening vocal delivery and the tones of her autoharp processed into sheets of reverbed caterwaul. Her irregular tunings and heavy effects manipulation render the autoharp an atonal self-accompanist, possessed of fine-grain details and a mix-consuming dynamic range that fixes our attention somewhere between claustrophobic discomfort and liberation. Kurdi’s voice escapes in a theatrical bellow that evokes Diamanda Galás’s plague mass invocations as it floats over the din in clear and ringing tones." (Tiny Mix Tapes)

Baltimore-born, Leeds-based experimental musician Marlo Eggplant is the curator of the pioneering Ladyz in Noyz compilation series and performs with processed autoharp and contact microphones to create sonically dense improvisations. She also has great badges and other promotional ephemera.

MK based, largely unclassifiable, no wave? noise? something else unit?? Black Spring, push English experimental music into new fields of heavily repetition and primal rhythm washed with tape, synth and voice to achieve something all together physical and consuming.

Unqualified Nurse plays short sharp blasts of garage/punk/no-wave/blues noise. Self-described as 'avant-garage', Unqualified Nurse has released both the Let Snarl LP and Bad Taste Reaction EP this year. The guitar is loud and heavily big-muffed. The lyrics hard to decipher. The lack of drummer means the songs can momentarily float into the ether rather than be locked down by a steady beat. Think Minor Threat covering The Velvet Underground.

Photo by Ben Rouse