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Kyoka (Raster Noton) / Jake Blanchard


Kyoka works as a musician/composer in Berlin and Tokyo and is known for her chaotic and direct musical approach and a heavy-rough sound, resulting in a broken pop-beat with experimental yet danceable rhythms.

She grew up in Japan, having piano, flute and syamisen lessons during her childhood. While listening and recording radio shows to tape, she became attracted by the possibilities of scratching tapes back and forth and soon she begun to use the tape recorder as her toy, cutting, editing and producing first rough sounds.

In 1999, she started to explore the potential of synthesizers/computers and during her stay in Los Angeles from 2004 to 2008, she enjoyed some first success when her songs charted at local radio stations.

In 2008, her first mini-album "Ufunfunfufu" was released on the berlin-based Onpa))))) label, followed by "2ufunfunfufu" in 2009 and "3ufunfunfufu" as an exclusively digital release.

2012 saw the release of her first 12" ep »iSH« on raster-noton, which is now to be followed by "Is (is superpowered)", her first full length album due in may, 2014.

A quote by Ryuichi Sakamoto may underline the exceptional talent of Kyoka: "Panic! it sounds like a toy box turned up side down. How can she make such pretty and chaotic sounds!? I love it!"

This concert is part of Fuse Art Space's exhibition "Exquisite Corpse" - for more information, see